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Book Two Teasers

Each time one of the Teaser Targets (see left sidebar) is met, a quick teaser about book two is posted on the site. Teasers hidden to avoid possible spoilers. Read more to see them. This post is stickied.

Dead Boyfriend and YOU!

Dead Boyfriend means a lot to me. It's the first work I've ever finished, the first story I actually manged to tell from beginning to end. The place it holds in my heart will never be filled by anything else.

Snippets and Teasers

Just to let you guys now, I want to power through the first draft of nu!DeadBoyfriend (as I've taken to calling it) by the end of February. I've been working on it recently, spamming up my Twitter all the while. "Talking" to myself helps me think. For anyone curious enough to catch little tidbits, I sometimes quote as much as entire lines of what I'm working on. It's not very detailed, and very spoiler free, so if you want to whet your appetite there's a link to my twitter in the side bar and also right here.

Ciao, lovelies.

Happy Belated, Eric!

So today I was tinkering around with some of HOWL's mythology, and I was putting dates to Eric's and Adam's birthdays for reasons which will eventually be quite important.

Anon Comments Now Moderated

Because of the spamsplosion I've had around here lately, I'm going to have to disable posting of anon comments. Now any anonymous comment will have to be approved by me before it hits the site. As always, I encourage all regular readers to register for accounts.

Sorry about this to any person it inconveniences, but sometimes fucktards ruin it for the rest of us.

Ira's POV 0.1


When you start to hear those words it’s almost enough to stop your hardly-beating heart altogether.

HOWL 3.1


“Nothing a big bad hunter can’t handle, huh?”

HOWL 1.1-2.5 Recap

HOWL 3.1 will be up momentarily, but I know it's been awhile. How about we look at the road so far?

Eric St. John, formerly the hunting partner of our own Regan St. James, sits in a bar in a nowheresville town called Howell. Regan has left their duo to hunt solo, and his former partner is reeling and bitter.

Enter Adam, a large, forcible, charismatic man that somehow charms the heretofore straight Eric back to his cabin in the woods for a night of fucking passionate enough to leave finger-shaped bruises on Eric's hips.


Tell your friends!

A Message for the Excluded

Just a little something I wrote for people who might need to hear it. I'm pretty proud of it, actually. Read the whole thing, it gets good.

I Am The Shameless: What Atheism Is, and What It Is Not

Merry Christmas, ya'll.

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