This Super Gay Series contains sex, violence, swearing, and all kinds of disturbing imagery. If you are offended by any of the above, or not of legal age, please DO NOT READ!--Seth Gray






Coming Spring 2017

The internet's trashiest gay webfic is coming back! All the characters you love and love to hate will soon grace your interwebs once more. To celebrate, I've even made a new website (as you can see). There's not much to see yet, but as we get closer to launch more and more content will go live.

For now please visit the forum (also all new!) and let me know who's still around.

~Seth Gray

How Regan Met Milly

It's officially live! The first part of what will almost inevitable be a series of how our favorite pair of BFFs made the first awkward steps down the road of friendship. Also, a little background flavor of the new continuity. Kind of. If you squint.

Also, I barely finished this, so there's probably errors all over the place, so please drop a line on the comments page to pont out any mistakes.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!