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Character Name Change

Those of you that read the side stories will be aware of a character named Carlisle, a vampire in Ira's House. It's recently come to my attention that there is also a vampire in the Twilight series with the same name. Now, I named my vampire before I was aware of this, but still. It makes me itchy.

Fave DBF Quotes?

Hey guys, I've got a whole big blog post coming up later (might actually be a series of them) but for now I was wondering if you could help me out just a tad.

I wanna start making merch and stuff to help support DBF, and I was wondering what kinds of stuff you'd want printed on it? Like, what's some of your favorite quotes that you would wear around on a tshirt and what not?

Drop me a comment and let me know. Kthxbai.

A blog post in which I am not dead

So I haven't posted in roughly two forevers. My bad, but for some reason HOWL 2.2 is kicking my ass. I might just have to scrap it and start over. I dunno why it's not gelling for me, especially because I know how I want the scene to go. It's just not coming out.

Actually I haven't written very much of anything lately. I'm not sure why, but hopefully I can start picking up again soon. It depresses me when I don't write very much, and a person on ADs doesn't need to be more depressed than he already is. Heh.

Here we are at the end

Well all parts of episode one of Consorts have hit the site and I'm wondering what you all thought about it. Not just the story itself, but the format. Did that little voting experiment work for you guys? Was it fun and interactive? Or was it just needlessly complicated and confusing? Should I lock the format up with a key and pretend it never existed, or would you be guys be interested in seeing bits of other projects go up like this too?

Everything I do here is experimental and one-day-at-a-timey, so any and all feedback is a good thing. Please let me know what you think.

Missed a Day

Yesterday was a pretty eventful time, so I completely forgot to update the voting thing. I'm off to do it right now, and you'll get two today with the last one tomorrow. Which actually works out better because these two are pretty short.

Alright, nothing to it but to do it.

I wanna do something weird

So I just had this totally random and kinda weird idea. I want to read some stuff for you guys. Leave a comment on this page with anything you want me to read. Your favorite chapter, a side story you really love, something I've written that really cracked you up. Anything of the author's voice you want to hear in the author's voice.

Just drop me a comment and I'll pick a few, make a video, upload it to my channel, and post it up here for you guys to read. How's that sound? Anyone interested?

(Also, OMG this is my 50ieth blog post!)

A Comedy of Consorts

The voting incentive is now up. You can vote by clicking Right Here to read part one of Consorts of the Empire: A Comedy, in the Original Sense. Remember to check back every day this week to get the rest.

Also, you should be able to leave a comment right on the story page, so be sure to tell me what you think. Enjoy!

Voting Experiment Update

So I meant to start my little one-a-day voting piece yesterday, but it was crazy hectic and stressful. I didn't even turn on my computer until about 8 last night.

There's some more stuff happening today, so I don't think I'll start until next week. I want it to be five consecutive days and Mon-Fri just makes more sense to me.

Subscriber Section up

So I finally got the subscriber only section set up. There's only two things in it so far, but I'm working on it.

Voting Experiment

I have this kinda weird idea. Some of you may recall when I had a link in the side bar that led you from voting for Dead Boyfriend to a special story. Well what if every day there was a new one and they were each connected?

I dunno, I think that idea could be cool, and also really interactive. Because if they changed every day you'd have to vote again each day or you'd miss a part. I've also been thinking this might be a good way to test new ideas and see what people like.

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