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A vampire, a vampire hunter. Simple? You've no idea.

Regan St. James is just your typical eighteen-year-old vampire hunter. He enjoys sharp objects and random hook-ups. But one night, in a quiet little mountain college town, he meets a guy named Ira who just might change his life. If he can survive Ira's relatives, of course.

Dead Boyfriend is a web fiction serial chronicling the adventures of Regan St. James and Ira Greer, told in first person through Regan's point of view. It is a story for adults, as there will be graphic content not suitable for younger readers.

There will be sex, violence, swearing--oh! And if you're allergic to The Gay this might not be the place for you.

Please don't read any further if you are under eighteen years of age, or the legal age of consent in your area.

If you do read on, I suggest bookmarking the "newest first" page, rather than this one. This is a static page used mostly to warn off minors. Actual content is elsewhere in the site.

vampires do not sparkle